Shadow Maker

Municipio de Panamá

Author: James R. Hannibal

ISBN: 9780425266892
Pages: 384
Description: James R. Hannibal—a veteran combat pilot with Top Secret clearance from the U.S. government—continues the thrilling international action and intrigue, following covert operative Nick Baron.

How far will collateral damage from a CIA drone strike reach?

Rincón de Lupe

When a suicide bomber attacks the National Mall, former pilot and undercover Cerberus operative Nick “Victor” Baron receives an eerie invitation from the chess app on his phone—a mysterious figure named the Emissary wants to play.

Nick and his Triple Seven Chase unit are drawn into battle against an unknown opponent who has resurrected the legendary Hashashin order of assassins. And there is a long-awaited prophecy being fulfilled by a series of violent attacks which may culminate with a final apocalypse over Jerusalem.

The lines between the game and the fight begin to blur as every time Nick loses a piece on the board, he loses one of his men. And if Nick cannot find a way to stop the terrorist mastermind, a checkmate may kill millions…
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